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Day 1 The North Shore wakes up


If you’ve ever been on the North Shore of Oahu in early fall you may have been lucky enough to witness that first actual pulse of winter energy.

Yes, there are always random bumps here and there over the long hot summer, but that first real swell is something quite different. The change in vibe from the local community is actually palpable.

Eyes sparkle with the new found energy. The check out line at Foodland is all a buzz. Drivers on Kam Hwy are even slightly friendly.

There’s some swell and everyone knows it.

It usually ain’t nothing huge, but it doesn’t have to be. Just something enough to get the main spots cookin’ and the frothing crowd spread around a bit.

It might be a few weeks until we see the next one but there is no mistaking that summer is over and its time to get the boards together and the cardio regiment back on the schedule.

Here we go.


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