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Waco, Texas

11.15.18 – TAGS: , ,


We had a clever story idea tee’d up that played off a creepy old horror movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As we started getting closer to the video drop some really bad things happened, especially the unfortunate death of Fabrizio Stabile. A few more senseless gun-related tragedies here in the U.S. and our little attempt at humor suddenly wasn’t very funny.

That in mind, we scrapped the idea and just decided to run the video and let it stand on it’s own merits. Our Content Director, Tom Carey, had a few cool photographic concepts he wanted to kick around so he rounded up a solid crew of rippers and we headed off to Waco. The boys killed it and Tom got some insane night shots to go along with the vid footage. No humor, just some great surfing.


RIP Fabrizio Stabile.



Aerial footage by James Lugo

Video: Perry Gershkow

Edit: Jeff Alper

Photos: Tom Carey, Ashton Herman



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