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what youth stay tuned balaram stack music

Stay Tuned: Balaram Stack Playlist 036: When smoke pours out of tinted car windows, it usually sounds like this inside

During filming of Balaram’s “4 Cities” vid we heard a lot of good music we don’t normally hear. At bars, in cars, at Balaram’s house, on the train. The kind of shit that kind of makes you want to party. Modern hits mixed with classic hip hop. Very New York. Very sick. At certain times we’d…

what youth amy hood playlist music mixtape stay tuned

Stay Tuned: Amy Hood Playlist 035: two point five hours of windblown creativity

We love Amy Hood. And it should be painfully obvious why…Anyway, the New York based artist was recently out in L.A. working on her new publication Cult Classic and we were lucky enough to spend some time with her amidst the windblown hysteria of a schedule she considers normal. Aside from catching up on all her…

what youth stay tuned donovon piscopo

Stay Tuned: Donovon Piscopo Playlist 034: A cool breeze of Roxy Music, Lou Reed and Fleetwood Mac with a few hammers tossed in

We really like how Donovon Piscopo skates. And when that happens we usually like their music taste. This is the case yet again. Donovon is from Covina, CA, rides for Hockey and his parents own The Pawn Shop Skate Shop. But let’s start with the music. A nice mix of Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Thunders…

what youth stay tuned ben kadow music

Stay Tuned: Ben Kadow Playlist 033: Mixing death metal and distortion from Smashing Pumpkins and Offspring

Ben Kadow is from New York and skates Tomkins Square park just about every day. And what you won’t get from his mix of death metal and distortion playlist he made for us, is that he loves cooking. Actually worked at Superiority Burger in the East Village, and his part in Hockey II is one…

what youth stay tuned music playlist

Stay Tuned: David Stenström Playlist 032: An autumn-inspired mix from our favorite Scandinavian skateboarder

We literally met David Stenström at a skatepark in Stockholm, Sweden randomly. We just loved how he skated. It was so natural. He is the son of Swedish skateboard pioneer Tobbe Stenström and was introduced to skateboarding at an early age. Since we met him, he’s been featured in the latest Polar Skate Co video I like…

what youth stay tuned lee wilson

Stay Tuned: Lee Wilson Playlist 031: A Mix of Pet Shop boys & thug heavy hip hop

You’re going to cook up a pretty unique playlist when you’re half Balinese and half Australian. And so that’s exactly what Lee Wilson did here. A nice mix of “Hey I know that song,” and another half good thug-heavy hip hop to get you going. We literally had this playlist on repeat during a recent boat trip…

what youth stay tuned andrew allen skateboarding music

Stay Tuned: Andrew Allen Playlist 030: Nirvana never sounded so…country

Tuesdays aren’t the best. But they can be! Let’s do it together. This new Stay Tuned playlist from Andrew Allen is your first step in making sure Tuesday doesn’t get the best of you. Press play, let yourself marinate. And how’s that unexpected Nirvana cover out of the gates? That good.

what youth stay tuned leo romero skateboarding music

Stay Tuned: Leo Romero Playlist 029: An eclectic and soothing week starter

A few months ago we got to hangout with Leo a bunch while filming his Fairly Normal episode. We skated and toured around his hometown of Long Beach, but mostly he made music and we watched him play music at some shows with his band Travesura. He made us this Stay Tuned playlist and it’s…

what youth stay tuned jake anderson

Stay Tuned: Jake Anderson Playlist 028: The worst/best Mix ever made

We’re not exactly sure what the hell you’d call this radio station Jake Anderson has created for us in this new Stay Tuned — but it might be an entire new genre altogether. But it’s a damn good time and we’re backing it. It’s a little bit bipolar but it does the trick, so put it on, dance…

Stay Tuned: Colin Moran Playlist 027: Soundtrack from the boat while filming Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place

Colin Moran is one of the stars of Metal Neck. And Metal Neck is one of the highlights of our year. We had Colin make us a playlist of his favorite songs. And he absolutely nailed it. We just received a fresh batch of Stay Tuned playlists from all sorts of rad people, and you’re…

what youth stay tuned kai hing boat trip indonesia

Stay Tuned: Kai Hing Playlist 026: Soundtrack from the boat while filming Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place

Music is a key element in any setting, and 10 days on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean can get a little repetitive. Thankfully while on set for Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place, Kai Hing stepped up and delivered the musical goods on a daily basis. We asked him to…

what youth stay tuned music shaun manners

Stay Tuned: Shaun Manners Playlist 025: Creed McTaggart’s West Oz protege made us a perfect playlist

Shaun Manners is drafting right behind fellow West Oz local Creed McTaggart. After just turning 18 and appearing in Creed’s final episode of “Real Axe (watch below), Shaun is getting us hyped for a lot of reasons. Not only is he surfing good, but he’s taken the time to curate this delight for our Stay…

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