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what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 022: It got a little hot and sweaty to end the summer, didn’t it?

Maybe call em fever dreams? Or night sweats. Delirium tremens? Or maybe just the lizards of summers. Either way, we ended the summer hot and while we’ve been busy making actually magazines and films, there are still the dregs that we all enjoy just as much. Here they are, in their 22nd installment.

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 021: Another month in the hot streets and sands of the world

We spent a lot of time in our own lizardy backyard this month, seeing how it’s summer and everyone seems to come to us. We hung with Dane and Noa and local bros Colin Moran and then there was the red sports car that crashed into the Frog House and all the freaks and geeks…

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 020: Tazers, lasers and drums and Segways and road tripping

Another month down, another month on the road and another batch of weird moments we live for. Starring: Jake Anderson, Curren Caples, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels and other oddities from the road.

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 019: The Australian Psycho, Hawaii and the return of actual lizards

The return of actual lizards in Lizards of Summer. And what a triumphant return it is. And holy shit, what the fuck is happening out there? We’re all a bunch of psychos. Some Australian, some American, but all psycho. As is evidenced in this all new episode of Lizards of Summer. Featured in this episode:…

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 018: The Wedge, Another boat trip, French road trips and our issue release in Palm Springs

There are over 4675 types of lizards. They are found all over the world in almost every type of terrain. Some live in trees; others prefer to live in vegetation on the ground, while others live in the sea. For example, the Whatties horned lizard is found in the warm areas with little plant cover…

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 017: Norway, the boat trip, France and several other terminals and sun rocks across the world

Another look at what happens in between the cracks at What Youth. Including Norway, France, Indo, San Francisco, HQ and more with the usual cast of lizards. God, this life is weird.

what youth lizards of summer

The Lizards of Summer Playlist All 16 episodes in one place

If this doesn’t get you in the mood to hit the road, fill your cup and fuck “the feed” off, then there may be no hope. But we’ll try with this: The entire catalog of Lizards of Summer episodes. WE still don’t know what these are. We’ve called it the dregs. We’ve called it the…

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 016: Pennywise, “humping” Snapper, dabbing and God knows what else

We had a crazy month. We went through four countries and seven states and missed a deadline (shocker) but we’re still making stuff. And luckily we got to make yet another installment of Lizards of Summer. Don’t forget to keep submitting your clips to be included in an upcoming episode: And remember we want funny, obscure,…

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 015: Gerr, Taj, Dinky, Japan, Panama, Vancouver, Metallica and many other international terminals and street corners

Well, the Eddie is off today. But all is definitely not lost. Because we’re back with an all-new Lizards of Summer. And if you want an eclectic and random gathering of humans, you got it. Our cult sensation continues in episode 15.

what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 14: San Francisco, Japan and the ridiculous in between

So there is Japan, there is San Francisco and there are all the lunatics in between. This is them and this is us — and literally our favorite show to put together. Please watch them all. Featuring: Arto Saari, Ishod Wair, Brendon Gibbens, Yago Dora, Andrew Doheny, Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta, Dillon Perillo, P.O.D., “Splash…

what youth lizards of summer brendon gibbens

Lizards of Summer Episode 013: We hit the road again and things got weird

It seems like whenever things get mundane, it takes just one little journey to completely get us back into the strange situations we enjoy. After a few weeks at the HQ, we hit the road, trekking our way through Hossegor, Venice, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco and many more nondescript airports, terminals and voids in…

what youth lizards of summer surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 012: More of the same lunacy from the road

The road is a strange place. And while we usually gloss it up for the pages of the mag and edit it up for our films, holy shit what actually happens might be the greatest bit of cinema there is. Which is why we have Lizards of Summer: the dregs of our video vault, spilled…

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