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Watch: “Crane Brain” A film by Ian Crane


Did you know that there once stood, on the corner of PCH and Orange Street in Newport, a fabulous burger joint called “Kranos?” It was eponymously named after the Crane family, who ran the place and which included, among others, Andy Crane, Ian Crane’s father. They lived just across PCH on the beachfront and all four brothers surfed on the daily. The oldest, Stevie, probably rising to the top rung talent-wise.

Just a little fun fact for ya.

Where were we?

Oh yes, Ian Crane just dropped a lovely 30 minutes of hi perf surf riding.

Deep barrels, heavy handed gouges, lots of geographic variety and, of course, plenty of air.

He was nice enough to include Dusty, Caits, and good ‘ol boy Cory Lopez.

Interesting mix, but ya, O’Neill stickers all.

Stab lifted the embargo a few days ago so it’s now free for all ya cheapskates, like us.


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