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Take Five: EP 32 Is Jack Robbo Australian surfing’s return to greatness?

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Can Jack Robinson lead Australia back to surfing greatness?

There has been much hand-wringing as to the recent, seemingly impotent performance by many of Australia’s best male professional surfers.

As, of course, we’ve all been accustomed to at least a few potential Australian world champs each and every season.

With that in mind, it would be hard to deny that competitive surfing has long been an Australian national treasure of sorts: Nat and Midget. Bugs, Cheyne, MR. Occy, Barton, Dammo. And, of course, Mick, Parko, and Owen. 

Among many others.

Ever since Mick and Joel cashed it in, the search has been on for the next ‘golden one’ to lead Australia once again to the promised land of multiple world titles.

However, if you were paying attention, a certain blond mop-top from Western Oz had been slowly building on a growing recognition that was built on a growing reputation that a hard-charging young grom out west just might bring the goods.

Yes, there were some hiccups early. Growing pains really.

Personal life.


Small, junk wave skills.


But that all changed one day recently in mainland Mexico when Mr. Jack Robinson had to win the event to simply qualify for the next year’s CT. As we know, he did that and, it would seem, that moment was been just what he needed confidence-wise to take his surfing to the highest levels.

Suddenly Jack Robison is now a threat at every tour stop. And, just like that, Australia has itself a legit world title contender once again.

With a solid supporting crew of Ethan Ewing, Callum Robson, Connor O’Leary, and Morgan Ciblic, Jack and the boys have surely reopened a very realistic window of surf optimism down under.

Let’s see where it goes.

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