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Watch: “XXL Hossegor” Here we go again


You may have seen the insane barrel ridden by Kyllian Guerin – its the last wave in this clip – so you may have an idea of the size and scope of this last swell.

The boys at RIPITUP shared this.

“Last week we were promised days of solid pumping swell on the Atlantic coast. From Nazaré to the Basque Country and, of course, Les Landes! 
Each spot delivered on the promise, especially in Hossegor at La Nord last Friday where we witnessed all-time conditions. Building throughout the session until all the elements aligned (size, offshore wind, swell period ….the stars!) These monster caves ridden were ridden by a handful of locals including Marc Lacomare, Benjamin Sanchis, and Kyllian Guerin.
The incredible week of conditions and surfing was topped off by Kyllian with his insane drop that he claims as “the best wave of my life!”

Loos nuts boys!

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