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Watch: “Cooked Fit” Some cruisy b-roll from Noa Deane

02.20.22 – TAGS: , ,

For whatever reason, some people think that surfers, like Noa, who don’t get all behind the comp thing and just cruise to their own beat, drop clips, travel, make music, etc., are a wasted talent.

Fuck you Shaun Tomson. Who asked ya?

But, seriously, think about that for a minute. All through surfing’s history there have been guys, and girls, who express themselves through a very soulful experience of which surfing as a whole would never be the same without.

Mike Hynson, Billy Hamilton, Baddy Trealor, Gerry Lopez, Buttons and Liddell, Rasta, Cassia, Dane, Craig, Creed, and of course, Noa. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg list.

Can you imagine if surfing was just a “sport” and we didn’t have the artists, musicians, writers, etc., who also surf damn good, to inspire us beyond points and jerseys?

We can’t, but where were we?

Oh yeah, Noa dropped a fun clip a few days ago of some outtakes from a projects he is working on.


What Youth

Filmed & Edited by Mikey Mallalieu

Additional filming: James Kates, Dave Fox, Malachi Urquhart

Music: ‘Outa Here’ by Blister, ‘Bright Lights’ by Wash, Acoustic Guitar credits by Noa

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