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We back.

05.06.22 – TAGS:

You may have noticed that we were offline for a minute. What started as a simple miscommunication with one of our digital suppliers, ended up turning into a full-on cyber nightmare. Ultimately, we ended up being held hostage to pay handsomely for something that we already owned.

We said “fuck off” and just secured a new URL. Here it is if you want to bookmark it:

Simply adding “surf” to our old URL seemed like the easiest option but it also very ironically represented the thing that started all of this exactly 10 years ago.

We dig surfing.


Corny as hell, but we’re going with it.

Sure we’ve skipped around with other topics from time to time but it was always supposed to be centered around a lifestyle that was indeed ocean-related. Travel, food, drink, art, friends, etc., are all well within the general periphery for most of us, and skate has always been easily relatable. And vice versa.

So, with those tenents well established we once again forge ahead.

After this unexpected break, we are actually very excited to dive back in and see what the next 10 years might bring. It was only two weeks or so but it was also a symbolic, at least for us, reset of sorts.

A corner turned if you will.

Surf is at some interesting crossroads, as usual, so who knows what tomorrow brings?

Let’s have a peek around that corner.

Oh, congrats Jack Robinson. That was impressive.

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