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Watch: “Back to OZ” Featuring John Florence


Of course, we know that John Florence just finished up his participation in the landmark Olympic surfing event, held in some rather poor conditions in Japan, and then subsequentially dropped the bomb that we was going to take some time off professional surfing to fully heal a surgically repaired left knee.

Some opined that he should have relinquished his Olympic spot to Kelly knowing he wasn’t 100%.

“Fuck that” we say.

He earned it, it was an individual event, and he deserved every minute of it. No one can or should assume they will be back four years later (or in this case three). So if you have a beef with how it all went down, you probably need to direct that to the ISA and the draconian qualification system they cooked up.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yes, John’s film crew, Parallel Sea, just dropped a Nat Geo-esque 10 minutes which captures some of the Australian Leg of the WSL, prior to his injury.

Highlights include a bludgeoning of Margarets Main Break and some precision tube technique at The Box.

Is John Florence the best ever on the right at Main Break?

He’s got our vote.

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