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Congratulations Gabriel Medina Was it ever in doubt?

09.14.21 – TAGS: , ,
Photo: WSL

Number three really came as no surprise, to us anyway.

Yes, Gabriel Medina is the best competitive surfer alive today and he just locked up his third WSL world title.


Although there was a little drama today at Lowers – Conner, you had us going for a minute there and Steph dropped an early shocker – the men’s outcome was somewhat predictable.

The reasons being what we stated a few days ago when we highlighted Gab’s all-around skill set of which is simply unmatched right now.

Air game: more amplitude (to borrow from snowboarding), more creativity, and an absurd “make” rate.

Rail game: plenty, when it’s needed.

Competitive mindset: Terminator.

Versatility: 3′ to 15′ he’s in the conversation.

He could absolutely run off three or four more if his mind is set to that.

Dream tour or the same slop show w’ve been seeing, Gabriel Medina will be there on finals day.

Oh, one final point before we move on. How about all the nay-sayers who didn’t like Trestles as the location of the finals? Have we seen better conditions anywhere this year? The old girl showed up to the party looking pretty damn good, thank you very much.

Ok, how do we improve on things going forward?

Three suggestions for next year.

  1. Any “excellent range” score must be on a set wave.
  2. All high-quality maneuvers, especially airs, must be stomped clean to score excellent. No “recovery” as Kelly called it in the booth. Zero, none, zilch.
  3. Score the competitor against himself. Any repetition of “go-to moves” score lower if they are repeated.

Not sure where “next” might be but we’ll see ya there.

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