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Take Five: EP 25 It was a pretty good year at the movies

11.17.21 – TAGS:

As we wind down the year, we thought we’d take a minute to reflect on a few of the more interesting surf content releases of the last 12 months or so.

A couple of notable entries, in no particular order.

Obviously jumping to the head of the pack in virtually all categories of creative achievement, “Reckless Isolation” by Kolohe Andino was an absolute banger. Yes, it’s a tried and true format – a boat full of great talent, on both sides of the lens, and in perfect surf at multiple locations in the Ments, etc. – but, regardless, this one easily drops into the insta-classic file as seemingly no production expense was spared, and it shows. With the eerie solitude created out of the COVID crisis, we may never see the place like that again, or with a crew like that again. The only downside being: can that much perfection be mind-numbing?

That said, “Snapt4” was easily the most entertaining drop of the year, in our opinion. A huge pool of some of the world’s most creative surfers that were so diverse it gave the film a unique underground vibe. Our pick: Movie of the Year. There is a cash giveaway taking place for best part and from what we could see, it will be very hard to pick from any number of the performances. Truly some of the best freesurfing captured. Ever?

You’d be hard-pressed not to include Albee Layer’s “Rainbows in the Rearview” on this list and for those who didn’t bother climbing over Stab’s paywall, we can tell you that what Albee, Matt Meola, and the boys on Maui are doing these days is incredible. This film definitely captures that magic.

Of note, of course, was the artistic masterstroke of “Ceremony” by Kai Neville, presented by Epokhe, and featuring Craig Anderson. Not sure how this little gem might sell a pair of sunnies but that aside this is as well made as a surf film can be made. Like all of Kai’s work the details are all in place and the music is perfectly paired, and, like all of Craig’s parts, the surfing is unique and dynamic. These two make quite a team and this film highlights that fact.

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Last, but not least, we have the reboot of the “Drive Through” series on the horizon. Which, almost hurts just to type as usually when something like this is remade it just never captures that old magic. Obviously, props to Benji, Donovan, Greg, and Taylor for getting the crew back together and finding a home for it but this one just seemed strange on a few levels. But hey, whatever, we ain’t gonna rain on anyone’s hustle as we all need one, but Dane? Super random. Given that this hasn’t actually dropped yet we’ll just have to let it play out to see where it goes. For anyone under 30, pull up a few of the old ones and have a good laugh.

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