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Watch: “Lobotomy” Another classic from Volcom


As we know, Volcom has been pumping out epic videos for many years now. And they’ve done so time and time again with a unique mix of very original thematic artistry along with some insane surfing.

“Lobotomy” definitely doesn’t disappoint in either regard.

It’s hard not to wonder just what mind altering substances were used when this one was cooked up but the surfing quickly sets the mood and is only solidified with a soundtrack to match from Frankie and the Witch Fingers.

The Veeco crew, made up primarily of Jack, Ozzie, Noa, Balaram and Yago – and a super random log part from Ryan Burch – all show why they make up a team of perhaps some of the world’s best free surfers. Yep, Jack and Yago do the comp thing but we all know where they really shine.

Enjoy, if you can get past the creepy guy in the bodysuit.

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