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Watch: “Mason at the Wedge” A masterstroke of good times


Although it all looks like fun and games, we promise you that even at 3-4 feet there were some serious beatdowns taken by our forever youthful Hawaiian friend.

Given our office proximity to the Dirty ‘ol Wedge, we have on occasion sampled the beast, either on a board or just a fun summer womp session and we can attest, the place will hurt you.

Surely by now, Mase has a standing visitor pass from the crew and in this clip is once again welcomed with open arms, albeit in share mode on a few nugs.

And yes, with a few beatings as well.

As most know by now, the Wedge is the product of an Army Corps of Engineers very slight miscalculation which in turn gifted us one freak of a wave that can go 20′ plus easily and often. The irony in this clip is how Pops Ho made quite a name for himself at another man-made gem, Hawaii’s Ala Moana.

A little history for ya kids.


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