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Watch: Mason and Sheldon The San Clemente Pier


It’s been there forever, so it seems.

Actually, it kinda has as it was originally built way back in the 1920s, washed away a few times since, but stands tall today. There’s a ton of surf history there going back to the 40s when being a San Clemente lifeguard carried some weight and the boys had the whole zone to themselves. How about Trestles, with just you a few buds?

The surfboard building history in the area is equally as rich and back when there were actual surf magazines, Surfer and Surfing were there too.

The pier has never really been a standout spot with other better spots nearby but on its day it can get pretty fun. Of late, the local crew has flared a bit with Kolohe obviously leading the way, Crano doing his thing, and the Colapinto trifecta holding it down as well, among many others. We see ya Luke.

In this clip, Mase and Sheldon drop into town to visit Biolas for some fresh foam and give the northside a go like only they can do.

In the second half of the clip, we get treated to a tutorial on creativity by none other than the amazing Drew Brophy as he brings Mason’s new quiver to life. A little something different for sure.

Oh, and trust us on this: don’t try to shoot the pier.


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