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Watch: Snapt4 Outtakes Pool party in Waco


The BSR pool in Waco has quickly become the location of choice for visiting surfers looking to book some air time. Yes, there is a cheeky little barrel but hands down the crew comes to Texas to boost. That said, Marzo’s frontside layback barrel technique is pretty next level.

Again, Logan pulls a few clips from his pocket of which are extremely entertaining, yet have no home in the upcoming final edit of Snapt4. As we’ve mentioned, if these are the throwaways this film is shaping up to be quite a banger.

Featuring Mason, Sheldon, Clay, Josh, Parker, Crano, Eithan, and others – including a cameo of Logan himself – the cast for this one ain’t too shabby.

A fine way to kick off the weekend.


What Youth

Filming: Rory Pringle, Michael Townsend, Dave The Goblin Schauber, and Jason “Beach Head” Crane.

All surfing info in end credit roll.

Jams: Freddie King & Nickatina.

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