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Watch: “Twenty Seven Clips” Featuring Eli Hanneman


We lost track after about the fourth or fifth absolute hammer, but we’ll take his word for it on the twenty-seven number. Simply, the kid swings for the fences on about every wave.

What we really love about his surfing, besides everything, is how there is a minimum of multi-stage bottom turning. Just blast it off the top, straight back down and straight back up.

No wiggle in this kids surfing

And to think guys are somehow getting scored in the excellent range on the WSL these days with more wiggle off the bottom than a, well, we won’t go there. You get the point.

We’ll stop babbling. Watch the vid and watch out for Eli in the future.


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Produced By: Shaun Ward Co/ @theamilie_

Edit By: Marc Chambers @mauimarc

Filmed By: Kalani Miniham

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