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Watch: “Surfing Portugal” Mason hits Europe


In this episode, Mason is in Portugal chasing WSL Challenger points and of course, he finds a barreling reef right in front of a pile of rocks.

He just wouldn’t have it another way.

Not sure if this was before or after a disappointing early dismissal in the comp, but as usual Mase finds a way to keep us entertained. Interesting how he paddles out solo but is quickly joined by a little follower pack.

Seemed odd but perhaps the crew just wanted to share some waves with the traveling Hawaiian?

The second half of the clip shows us a bit more of the inner workings of the Lost/Mayhem factory with Matt Biolos’ daughter Ryder painting up a few of Mason’s new sleds.

Also, congrats to fellow Hawaiians and comp winners Zeke Lau and Luana Silva.


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