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Watch: O’Neill’s “Hawaii Live”- Episode #1 Jordy, Eli, Ian, and the boys get into it


Team O’Neill is on the North Shore this winter to grab a few bombs, slide into a few barrels, make nice with the boys, and generally see how they measure up in some real surf. With that in mind, Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Brett Barley, Timmy Reyes, Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Jake Kelley, Dwight Pastrana, and others, have been blasting around the 7-mile miracle with photogs Nick Green and Timothy Ridenour in tow.

For many years now the North Shore has been surfing’s ultimate proving ground. Simply, until you made a name for yourself in Hawaii as a surfer, you hadn’t really punched a ticket to the elite level. Some never do but others, like the boys in this video, are well on their way.

It’s been a pretty darn good winter for waves this year, starting in early November and running straight through. Between the comp heats, the free surf sessions have been solid with tons of content dropping literally every day. Here’s a no-frills look into a few days in the life of a North Shore existence.

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