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Watch: “Surfing Fun Backdoor” Mason, Coco, and plenty more

11.28.21 – TAGS: , , ,

The North Shore is in full swing these days with a few middle to large-ish swells already on the books and then some pretty favorable wind conditions when things calmed down.

As we mentioned a few of us are over here and have witnessed many of the sessions that then appeared a day or two later on the socials. This clip being another.

Obviously Backdoor is one of the premium spots when the swell is under 8 feet and has truly become the go-to spot first thing in the morning. Because if not there, you can get an idea of where based on what Backdoor is doing.

Because of that unfortunately, it does get crowded.

But when your last name is Ho, getting a wave or two isn’t much of an issue.

Respect earned and respect given.

Nice to see it all work here.

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Filming: Rory Pringle & Shane Kruetzer.

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