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Watch: Mase in Mex What Olympics?

07.26.21 – TAGS: , , ,

This latest from Mason and Rory brought to light the juxtaposition of the polar opposites that exist in surfing today. Obviously, the “sport” of surfing is underway in Toyko but a million miles away, both literally and figuratively, Mason reminds us that surfing has two very different faces.

We’re happy that some surf showed up for the teams competing in Japan as no one wanted the embarrassment on surfing in general of one-foot grovelers. Well, perhaps there might have been a few who did, but we’re not in that camp.

There were a few question marks like the alternate situation or how two guys from the US team can end up against each other so early in the comp, but maybe we’ll dive into that later this week. Surely the powers that be are already well aware of any improvements that need to be addressed.

For now, it’s all Mase.

We have and probably always will be of the opinion that surfing isn’t a means to an end: a score, a few points, a jersey, etc., but really more, without sounding too corny, a lifestyle choice that someone like Mason would still be doing, with a smile on his face, if he was getting paid or not. Now if you can grab a check in the mail every month while traveling the world entertaining the rest of us, good for you, but when the teat runs dry, as it eventually does, Mason will still be out V-Land having a blast.

Which, in our humble opinion, is what it’s all about.


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Filming: Rory Pringle & Jason Crane

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