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Watch: “Von Froth” Crazy Nazaré

01.12.22 – TAGS: ,

As I’m sure we’ve all seen by now, Nazaré went XXL, again. The crazy part being that we’ve almost become numb to it as each swell seems a bit bigger, with more people are out there charging the largest sets, and they are riding deeper than ever.

Nic Von Rupp added, “Last weekend was insane, some of the biggest, cleanest waves we had seen out at Nazaré. A day of perfect 50-70ft waves with plenty of successful rides but also some heavy, heavy wipeouts and close calls. A day for the history books.”

That sounds familiar.

That said, we’re pretty sure the crew out Nazaré hasn’t become numb to it one bit

The place is off the hook and on almost every one of these monster days there are multiple near-death situations. The rescue ski guys are truly fearless and have undoubtedly save many, many lives beyond the ones that have been captured by the media.

The carnage to the skis must be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What Youth

Filmed by: Pedro Ferreira, Mendo Dornellas, Margarita Salyak, Jorge Leal, Ben Arena

Edited by Pedro Ferreira

Production Assistant Carmo Raposo

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