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Watch: Von Froth EP 24 “The Grower”

03.04.21 – TAGS: , ,

If you follow Nic, you know he was on a bit of a holiday in Costa Rica of late. But when a huge swell popped up back at home, Nic and his girl jumped on the next flight and scored this beast in rare form.

In his words.

“Just in from Costa Rica into some 12ft Barrels at home. Pretty crazy how this wave just grows from 3ft into a 12ft barrel. It’s a rare jewel that doesn’t break often, but when conditions align there is nowhere I’d rather be”.

In his normal fashion, Nic scores a few choice bombs among a couple of close friends, including, in a nod to a more inclusive world, a few of his sponger pals as well!

All good.


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