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Watch: Nic and Nate hit Kandui


Nic Von Rupp is on a roll.

He just scored some fine Desert Point, albeit after a nasty interaction with a vicious Tom Cat bug, and then he shot over to the Ments and plugged right into Kandui Resort just in time for a banging swell.

Our man Nate Behl, or McNasty as we know him, and a few other crew as well, found themselves in the right spot at the right time. As you can see for yourself, they scored. Just watch out for the end bowl.

Drone, POV, straight on, water shots, they got it all covered.


What Youth

Produced by Margarita Salyak

Filmed by Kandui Resort, Tani, Bassi, Manu

Edited by Kenny Kemp

Music: Valley of the Sun

Surfers: Nate Behl, Mason Lesses, Dennis Guttmann, Robot, Jesse Johnston

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