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Watch: “Von Froth” Nazaré Barrels

11.24.21 – TAGS: , ,

Surely there have been a few early season pulses at Nazaré that we never caught wind of but a few days ago she came to life proper.

And, of course, Nic Von Rupp was on it.

We’ve seen some crazy things attempted out at Nazaré but Nic has upped the ante with a legit barrel which highlights this clip.

Nic added.

“Last week was insane at Nazaré, with back-to-back swells in the 20-30ft range. We thought we were going to tow but it ended up being an all paddle swell with some barrels in the mix, and on this day everything seemed right: 15-20ft swells unfolding with some big barrels.”

Yes, Nic that was a legit barrel at Nazaré.

What Youth

Filmed by Kenny Kemp, Above Creators, Laurent Pujol, Leo Domingues

Edited by Kenny Kemp

Production Assistant Carmo Raposo

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