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Watch: Von Froth “The Art of Scoring”


If you’ve been following along, then you would know that Nic Von Rupp has been absolutely scoring lately, to say the least.

Deserts, Kandui, and now Greenbush.

We’ll let Nic tell it.

“People think that scoring good waves is all about showing up and simply scoring, but it’s a really thin line between actually getting good waves and spending a ton of money and possibly not getting anything. On the last big south swell in the Ments we had to make a tough call between leaving behind pumping 8-10ft Bank Vaults and getting into a 6-hour canoe ride straight into the eye of the storm to score some epic Greenbush with not a soul out. It’s those last-minute decisions that make or break a trip. Leaving the comfortable and roaming into the uncomfortable. What an epic journey to spend my birthday, one to be remembered.”

Well Happy Birthday you lucky dog!


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