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Watch: Von Froth at Greenbush “Is this the heaviest session ever in the Ments?”


Not sure where to even start with this one.

Nic Von Rupp, and a varied crew of merry madmen, have been charging waves of significant consequence for years now. Slabs in Portugal, bombs in Ireland, and more recently some smaller yet equally dangerous dry reef barrels down in Indonesia.

And, as usual, Nic has it all very well documented for our viewing pleasure.

Well folks, he just may have outdone himself on this one.

Greenbush has a long history of some outrageous perfection given the relatively short amount of time that surfers have been discovering the many fruits of the Mentawai archipelago. Much of it taking place through the lenses of some of surfing’s finest photographers and filmers pointed at the world’s best surfers.

Of course, so many of those images are seared into our brains, just as this clip will surely find itself.

We could keep rambling but we will let Nic drop a few observations of his own.

“I’ve been traveling to the Mentawai Islands for the past 10 years and for me this was some of the biggest, heaviest, shallowest, and most dangerous waves I’ve surfed around here. It might look perfect, but trust me, this wave stands up like a train, it’s steep like looking down a cliff, and once you’ve made that drop and pulled in, you never know if that last section is going to do. It’s a roll of the dice, whether it stays open and lets you out or just closes out because the reef is too shallow to handle such a mass of water. You gotta pay to play, and this time the boys paid. Scratches, broken boards, split up noses, and to finish off the session Nasty Nate knocked himself out on the last wave. Life of a pro surfer is the dream they say until you go headfirst into the reef and need to get stitches but you are 16 hours away from the closest hospital.

Special thanks to Greig & Eric & Tank Girl for making this trip happen. Also to Barren Joy John, Manu Miguelez, Justice St John”.

Not sure how you’re going to top this one Nic but we’re sure you find something somewhere to keep us entertained.

Thanks and keep um coming.

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