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Watch: “Que Chiva” O’Neill’s Strike Mission EP 5


O’Neill has been dropping some cool edits of late. Primarily, a series titled “Strike Missions” which is loosely based around a surfer and a filmer who put together a collabrative creative expression. Which, hopefully, allows the viewer some new insight on the surfer, while also recognizing the talents of the filmer who crafts the finished product.

Up to this point, they’ve been pretty damn good. Russ Bierke’s collab with Andrew Kaineder being an obvious high point.

In this latest hit, Torrey Meister, Noah Waggy, and new-ish O’Neill teamrider, Shion Crawford, have a trip planned but that gets shut down by the ‘rona and the boys are quickly forced to improvise.

Who do ya call?

Cory Lopez, of course.

The location wasn’t included in the copy so we’ll just let everyone’s imagination run wild, but Cory but the boys on what looks like a not so bad plan b.

That little peak sure looks like a real fun time.

Oh, before we forget, all the boys were ripping, of course, but what the fuck Cory Lopez?

That was some fine surfing.


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