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Watch: “Beyond the Tour” Featuring Jordy Smith

05.13.20 – TAGS: , ,

As has been well documented, Jordy Smith is spending some extra time in Hawaii these days. Owning a home on the North Shore can help in that regard.

This clip was filmed in early spring as Jordy was getting ready for the 2020 WSL season. It was a great fall on the North Shore and possibly an even better spring and those lucky enough to stick around scored some uncrowded perfection. Jordy being one, before racing home to beat the COVID lockdown.

And we know what happened next.

Anyway, by the looks things, Jordy is becoming very comfortable in the juicy stuff and his large frame adds a clear advantage in waves of size and power. We’d love to see him in contention soon with the title on the line and some solid surf on offer for the big man.

We’d also like to see two CT events in Hawaii to finish the year. We bet Jordy would too.


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