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Meet: Mateus Herdy Brazil’s newest superstar?

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What Youth: Where were you born and raised?

Mateus Herdy: I was born and raised in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. In the South of Brazil.

WY: Obviously your father and uncle were great surfers themselves but who else are some of the surfers that give you inspiration? Both Brazilian and outside of Brazil?

MH: When I was a kid my superheroes were surfers! All of them! But in Brazil, my favorites were Adriano, Gabriel, Filipe, Peterson Crisanto, and, of course, some of the Og’s like Neco and Teco Padaratz, Fabio Gouveia, and Raoni Monteiro.

Outside of Brazil, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, and John John but when I was a kid, I had a secret spot in my house that I kept my surf movies (the Bruce Movie, Blue Horizon, Mick Fanning Lightning Strikes, Letting Go Kelly Slater, The search Tom Curren)I still watch all of those surfers to this day and they all gave me inspiration to be the surfer and person that I am today! 

WY: What is your favorite surf spot in Brazil?

MH: My favorite spot in Brazil is Campeche, a wave at home that doesn’t break very often but when it does is the best wave in Brazil for me! 

WY: How about outside of Brazil?

MH: Outside of Brazil it’s probably the Mentawai Islands! I was lucky enough to go there a couple of times and the boat trip is just the best! 

WY: How does it feel to have placed as the second highest Brazilian in a WSL CT with a field that included Filipe, Italo, and Gabby? Yago too?

MH: Gabriel, Filipe, Italo, and Yago are my superheroes these days! Everyone knows how gnarly they are in the water, or can be. But for me, it’s crazy how good of humans they are. I’m just so proud to be a Brazilian and get to cheer for them. They are pushing competition for another level in my eyes!

But, during this event, all I tried to do was be thinking about myself! 

WY: What was the vibe like in the water with Jack for your semifinal?

MH: Jack gets really serious in the heat. You can tell he wants to win really bad! That’s how it’s supposed to be. I’m so happy for him.  A few years ago we had a nice conversation about small waves surfing. He asked me a couple of things and I asked him about his big waves mentality. We get along really well.

WY: Although it wasn’t all-time Barra, did you enjoy the wave and the whole region in general?

MH: I went to a few nice restaurants in Huatulco, but I loved to stay in Barra 

WY: Have you been to Mexico prior to that?

MH: I’ve been in Mexico just once before that. Like 3 months ago and I’m definitely coming back every year now. Haha, I’m still here in Mexico!

WY: Obviously the CT is just down to one last event with just the top five competing, what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

MH: Well I’m still waiting to receive a wildcard from WSL for the challenge series, they changed the format last year so that’s why I’m out of the ten thousands, but I really want to qualify!  This is the best life ever and I got some projects going on too ! 

WY: Favorite wave you’ve surfed?

MH: Probably Lances right in the Mentawai Islands.

WY: Spot you haven’t surf but want to surf next?

MH: I haven’t been to Tahiti! Of course, Teahup’o is a challenging wave but I really want to know how’s it feels inside one of those big barrels!

WY: Have you surfed the North Shore yet? Any thoughts?

MH: Yeah, I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times. That’s the center of surfing! I’m looking forward to staying a whole season there. 

WY: How about a quick shout out to your sponsors?

MH: For sure. Quiksilver, Red Bull, FCS, and JS Surfboards. Thank you so much for the support around the globe and believing in me! 

Thanks for your time Mateus. Keep up the ripping!

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