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Watch: Cola Bros Barra

09.06.21 – TAGS: , ,

Overall, the CT comp down in Mex was a bit of a disappointment this year. Not much swell, bars not really right, etc.

Lotsa hype going in, but not super rad once it was called on.

We assume Jack Robbo might disagree.

For anyone old enough to have witnessed the first time the WSL (née, ASP), was in town back in 06, it was rather epic as the event was pretty much on fire. Some size, all the boys, boardies past the knee, etc.

Perhaps one of the better pro comps ever?

Anyway, Griff Colapinto and the Cola Bros content machine put together a diary-like clip of this year’s event which, unfortunately, saw Mr. Colpinto lose out early to rising star Mateus Herdy. The loss knocking him out of the top 5 title surf-off at his home break, Lowers.

That had to be disappointing, to say the least.

Always a good sport, Griff stuck around and surfed a bit with friends and made the best of a shitty week comp-wise.

Oh, if you’re not following the creative genius behind the Cola Bros, Cameron Jonas, you need to! Funny man.


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