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Watch: Zeke Lau “UnLeashed” Town Swell/Ultimate Surfer

08.29.21 – TAGS: , , ,

In this episode, the Kewalos kid, Zeke Lau, scores some fine town surf with girlfriend Jenna and a friendly crew of Hawaii’s finest.

Good times all around.

We also see a “tongue firmly in cheek,” viewing party of the premiere of Ultimate Surfer attended by some of Zeke’s closest pals. As Zeke alludes to early in the clip, there is considerable potential for cringiness whenever Hollywood tries to wrangle surf into the program and this show is right up to the edge of the line in that department.

But for Zeke, and the rest, who simply are making a buck off of their surfing talents, we say “go get the damn paper!”

We won’t spoil it for those living in suspense, but word on the street is that a certain Hawaiian does alright in the end.

Oh, and that wave at around 8:00 minutes, looks pretty close to CT “excellent range” to us.


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