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WY Recommends: Kelsen Get your groom on

Surfers, and in this case skaters as well, have been getting together for some time now to start various business ventures. There were many surfboard-based enterprises in the 60s, and, of course, Gerry, Rory, and the boys with Lightning Bolt in the late 70s.

Back in the 90s, the O.A.M accessories brand was launched with a few of the OG Momentum crew involved like the Malloys, Benji, Shane, etc. A bit more recently, the Former brand was launched by surfers Dane Reynolds and Craig Ando and skaters Austyn Gillette and the late Dylan Rieder (RIP). And, as we know, there was a large group of surfers, skaters, and snowboarders involved with the beer brand, Saint Archer.

The list goes on.

With that in mind, it was no surprise when we first heard about the Kelsen brand which dropped back in 2019 and included athletes Curren Caples, Jack Freestone, Mikey February, and Sean Malto as its founders.

Curren’s pop Evan is involved as well.

What made Kelsen unique however was the product category they chose.

Yep, mens grooming aids.

Brilliant, really, as there is zero competition aimed at our community, and, of course, we can all use a little sprucing up from time to time. Not a bunch of fluff, just some well-thought-out basics for the hair and body tied together with a clean and light chypre/cedar scent. They also included a fully legit eco-friendly vibe to both the products and the packaging in recognition of that important issue.


There are a few retail accounts as well as a direct-to-consumer hookup from which you can purchase Kelsen products.

Shop Here.

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