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Watch: “Summer Street” Featuring Seth and Josh Moniz, Noa Mizuno, and a few of the boys

For whatever the reasons, certain Hawaiians seem to have an adept ability to pump out quality content. Zeke, Barron, and of course Maui’s surf media kings Albee Layer and Matt Meola, among others, have been keeping YouTube well stocked with the goods from Hawaii.

Of course, they have the waves, the turquoise blue water, and an island paradise as the backdrop, but there just seems to be something more that we can’t quite put our finger on.

Whatever it is, we’re digging it.

When this new project titled Summer Street popped up in our inbox, it was an easy call to hit play. And, of course, we were not disappointed.

We queried Noa for a few details and here was his response.

“It’s Seth, Josh Moniz and myself along with Noah Brug, Griffin Anderson, and a few young up and coming skateboarders from home. All of us growing up together from a young age and having the same passions led us right here. Just a group of friends from Summer Street doing what we love and sharing it along the way.  And by the way it aint no fucken vlog!!”

So there you have it, some surf, a little skate – which isn’t an easy crossover to cover – but mostly just some good times Hawaiian style.


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