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Watch: Mikey Feb on the C.I. Happy Flow personified


Going into the weekend we thought we’d leave you with the stylish musings of the one and only Mikey February. The clip is a few months old but when we saw it on NobodySurf’s Insta, we just had to poach it.

We are in some interesting times these days and for some reason, the simple enjoyment of a wave ridden with a guy like Mikey at the helm just seems to soothe the mind a little.

We need that.

A noted surf journalist called Mikey out a few months back on what he noted as a surf style which was posed or predetermined somehow. We are all entitled to an opinion but in this case, we just don’t see the connection.

Simply, Mr. Feb surfs with a passion, not an agenda.

We like that.


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Filmed by: @seanlesh

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