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WY Recommends: Get yourself a twinnie An education in fun with Mikey Feb

What’s the cliche? “The best surfer is the one having the most fun,” or some other drivel.

Well if that rings true at all, then Mr. February is like a 10 time world champ by now.

Last week Channel Islands dropped a little clip of Mikey in the Ments shredding on a quiver of their version of the twin pin, as interpreted by Britt Merrick. In the overdub, Mikey adds some interesting insight, especially the bit about making a commitment to a twin for an extended length of time.

We think what he meant by that is why shouldn’t we experiment a bit more with our equipment choices instead of getting locked into the same hi-perf thruster day in and day out. And not just busting out the twin on a small day, nor does that mean some retro keel thingy.

He’s talking a hi-performance twin like the Channel Islands Twin Pin model.

We’ve long backed the crew at CI but surely there are other shapers who are also pushing the limits of design theory with their own version of the performance twin.

Find your guy, order one up and change your surfing for the better.

You’ll thank us later.

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