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Need a new travel companion? Chilli just released the ultimate youth on the run board model


If you’ve got a trip booked and can only bring one board, that can be a stressful endeavor. What if it breaks? Too big? Too small? It’s enough to send one into a tailspin panic. But we might be in luck. Chilli just released a new model called Fader that’s up for being your one and only — strong enough to not break and versatile enough for whatever you might find along the way.

Here’s the details, but we suggest you just watch above. It’s enough to remind yourself that having a trip somewhere booked is always a good idea.

Check out Chilli’s new website here and lose your afternoon. 

Read the details on Faded below:  

A playful, more forgiving version of the Fader. An ‘all rounder’ board with shortboard & step-up features.

This is a board you can trust, if you had an around the world trip booked and only room for 1 surfboard, this your board.

Let’s break down the key strength elements:  a strong board plays a huge part in having trust in your board when the waves are good. This board is glassed with 6 oz x 4 oz deck / 4 oz + Innegra + twin carbon strip bottom. The Twin carbon is designed to reinforce the body of the board down the centre and the Innegra is woven into the bottom roll of 4 oz fibreglass and assists with flex so your board still performs at a high level. It’s designed to be strong and perform. We did R&D through Project Black over the past 12 months this board with riders Jay Davies and Luke Egan both big builds and heavy footed surfers.

The design – we’ve taken the Fader (a popular Chilli model for good to excellent wave types) and added more foam in the centre of the board, allowing more paddle power. The rocker is a very smooth entry in the nose with a flow all the way out through the tail, it’s rides silky smooth out on the face and tight in the pocket. A med/low rail to bite into the water but not too low, it’s very forgiving. Bottom contour is a shallow single concave right through the board, enough for speed but shallow enough to keep flow in all conditions. Having the continuous outline into a neat round tail it’s a pleasure to ride.

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