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WY Recommends: Foodland One of the centers of Surfing’s Universe

12.04.21 – TAGS: ,


Many surf towns have iconic meeting points. Places like the Torquay Pub, Single Fin, El Camino market, and many others, usually have a combination of a great location as well as some form of passable sustenance that creates the draw. In the case of Foodland – a combination market/coffee shop located smack dab mid-town on the North Shore, that draw is an obvious one.

Years ago, that title may have belonged to the long-shuttered Kammies Market, which was located up by Sunset, but ever since that long-serving North Shore icon closed Foodland has taken over. And where each and every day it serves as one of the centers of surfing’s universe.

At any given moment during the main surf season, everyone from WSL World Champs to hard-working shapers to surf industry hitters to North Shore legends like Jock Southerland will pass through the sliding glass doors of Foodland. The addition of the Coffee Bean a few years back gave it another legit reason to swing into the parking lot.

With a to-go deli serving up premade sushi, poke, and other local standards, a solid booze selection, fresh fish, and all the rest, Foodland has fed literally every surfer on the North Shore for many years now.

If your looking for someone on the North Shore, this is as good of place to start as anywhere.


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