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Watch: “Lost Track Atlantic EP 4” Torren and Ishka push deep into Africa


As the boys wrap up an epic journey down the coast of West Africa, they stumble into yet another empty right point. Torren puts his stylish approach to work in what has become his trademark: alone.

There has been considerable discussion over the years about the pro and cons of solo surfing, but perhaps having a god bro on the beach filming it all negates some of the negatives. Either way, Torren sure seems well adjusted to being the only human in the lineup.

In this, the final EP of the series, there is all of the in-depth cultural recognition to go with the surfing of which has made this whole series so much more than just another surf clip. Because, after all, surf travel is so much more than just riding waves.

Thanks boys. Look forward to the next adventure.

What Youth

Music in order of appearance: Headland – Viaje Headland – Milkweed Wine Orchestra Baobab – Ledi Ndieme M’Bodj Songhoy Blues – Sekou Oumarou Songhoy Blues – Nick Headland – Red Emperor Maanyung with Headland – Nguura Headland – The Weight of Water Headland – Blue Wren

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