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Watch: “ASCENSION” A flick from Saffa Adin Masencamp


Adin Masencamp has been on the radar for a bit now, which ain’t easy when you live and surf in South Africa.

That said, the kid has won some stuff, had a few nice finishes elsewhere, and was oh so close to a CT qualification in 2019 before everything went sideways with COVID.

Obviously being located in what is a long way away from the centers of surf media in OZ and the US, South African surfers need to work that much harder to get any type of exposure. Some great surfers have hailed from the zone like Jonathan Paarman, Shaun Tomson and his cousin Michael (RIP), Jordy Smith, and the uber-stylish Michael Feb, to name a few. All of which fought tooth and nail to get theirs.

Adin is coming along nicely as one of the latest to represent the country.

He recently put together a nice little vid – which at 37 minutes or so is rather deep but well worth the time to sit back and enjoy – and he included a few words of introduction.

“I’m excited to release my film ASCENSION, a short film that I have been working on with filmmaker Michael Veltman. The film tells the story of the grind being a South African professional surfer trying to qualify for the WSL Championship Tour. It’s been a crazy journey since I was a young competitive grom, as my family gave up so much to get me where I am today and I really want to dedicate this to them. 

“The impact of COVID-19 really gave me time to step away from the competitive mindset that I’ve had for the last few years and enabled me to score some of the best waves I’ve ever had right in my backyard. I head off to compete again on the WSL Challenger Series in September, hoping this will be the year I achieve greatness in the next chapter of my journey.”

Cool stuff.

Good luck Adin.

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