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what youth recommends plumeria

Watch Stussy’s “Plumeria” A recent trip to Oahu with Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Jesse Alba, Aaron Loreth, Max Klein and Lance Mountain

A recent trip to Oahu with the Stussy crew. Featuring Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Jesse Alba, Aaron Loreth, Max Klein,...
what youth recommends nike sb kevin terpening elite squad

Kevin Terpening Shows Off His New Shoe The shoe is good but the skating is better

We’ve been very fortunate to have been on many trips with Terps, and he still continues to amaze. This part...
what youth recommends tribe

Watch Stussy’s new vid “TRIBE” Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loretta, Jesse Alba, Max Klein and Lance Mountain

Stussy presents “TRIBE”: a short skateboard film by Jared Sherbert featuring Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Max...
what youth copenhagen skateboarding

Watch the Copenhagen Open Movie You will get contact lit watching this

This film does an amazing job of capturing just how unique and rad the CPH Pro is. It is a...
what youth fairly normal andrew allen skateboarding los angeles california

Fairly Normal: Andrew Allen Episode 23: Behind the scenes with Andrew Allen in San Juan Capistrano and Los Angeles

“This dude looks like he should be in the Misfits.” We can’t remember who said this while watching Andrew Allen’s...

Watch “04. Kevin” Mid summer skating in Cincinnati

A minute with Kevin in Cincinnati’s summer heat. Video by Jared Sherbert Watch our Fairly Normal with Terp here:  
what youth san francisco jake anderson kevin terpening skateboarding

A Weekend in San Francisco Skating the city with Jake Anderson and Kevin Terpening presented by Stussy

We went to San Francisco with Jake Anderson and Kevin Terpening as part of Stussy’s Wet Dreams California tour, which turned...
What Youth Recommends Kevin Terpening Burp skateboarding

“Burp” starring Kevin Terpening Shot entirely on iPhone 6s

One week in LA with Kevin Terpening shot entirely on an iPhone 6s. All the tools you need. Watch Fairly...
what youth jared sherbert photography kevin bradley skateboarding

Meet Jared Sherbert’s photography Full interview coming in What Youth Issue 14

Jared Sherbert is a skate photographer from Santa Clarita who is featured in our currently-in-production Issue 14.
what youth recommends SOTY trip


Evan Mock documented the behind the scenes of the SOTY trip with Ave and Terp, all on his iPhone, in...
what youth anonymous zone japan ishod wair

Watch Anonymous Zone: The Raw Clips Part 2 featuring Arto, Ishod, Raven, Pete and Terp

Here’s part 2 of the gold left on the ground from filming of Anonymous Zone in Japan with Arto Saari,...
what youth anonymous zone b-sides part one skateboarding japan

Watch Anonymous Zone: The Raw Clips Part 1 of 2 starring Ishod, Raven, Pete, Terp, Rip and Arto in Japan

When you make a movie like this you leave a ton of gold on the ground. The cutting room floor is...
what youth michael cukr photo credit

Photo Credit: Michael Cukr Portfolio 027: A look back at Michael “Horse” Cukr’s year

Michael Cukr works here at What Youth. He’s a horse. We call him that because of another Warren Smith quote...

Kevin Terpening for Stussy A Short Film From Jared Sherbet

what youth anonymous zone japan skateboarding

Anonymous Zone A new film starring Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening in Japan presented by Monster Energy

Well, we did it again. We made it to a new country to skateboard and we made a film about it....
what youth rip zinger anonymous zone skateboarding japan

Conversation with: Rip Zinger Learn to properly eat sushi with the legendary Japanese photographer, tour guide and enthusiasm expert

If you go to Japan and want to skateboard, you must go with Rip Zinger. Rip is a photographer, skater,...
what youth anonymous zone arto saari photography

Anonymous Zone Gallery Photography by Arto Saari from our trip to Japan with Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening

Our new issue is filled with sick photography from our trip to Japan. It was all shot by Arto Saari...
what youth anonymous zone

Moments from Anonymous Zone Behind the scenes of our new film coming February 2

Skateboarding in Japan comes with all sorts of logistical challenges. Security is fast and strict, giving you very little time...
what youth anonymous zone

Anonymous Zone: Coming February 2 A What Youth film starring Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening presented by Monster Energy

Japan is quiet. The cracks in the pavement are close together and skating sounds really loud there. Sometimes like firecrackers....
what youth issue 13 bruce irons

What Youth Issue 13 On Sale Now

Every once in a while the flurry of dust and mud and granite and soot and ash that make up the...
the what youth 2015 top 5 photos

The What Youth 2015 The best photos of the year: action and lifestyle

The amount of imagery that comes through these doors is incredible. And in a world run mad by social media,...
what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 14: San Francisco, Japan and the ridiculous in between

So there is Japan, there is San Francisco and there are all the lunatics in between. This is them and...
what youth one roll japan kevin terpening

One Roll 011: What Youth Japan Behind the scenes of our trip to Japan by Jordan Brown

We recently wrapped up a trip to Japan with Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair and Raven Tershy. The trip...
what youth japan dear youth kai neville skateboarding

So Long Japan A wild seven days in the streets come to an end and the edit bay opens

We’re literally, somehow, rather deliriously checking in at the airport to leave Japan. 7 days, 3 major cities. DIY spots...
What Youth Fairly Normal Kevin Terpening skateboarding

Fairly Normal: Kevin Terpening Episode 018

Come hang out with Kevin Terpening as he puts the finishing touches on his new Huf part

Stay Tuned: Kevin Terpening Playlist 016 Presented by D’Blanc

For a guy who moved from Ohio to LA, professional skater Kevin Terpening sure has a refined sense of music....

Conversation With: Kevin Terpening On moving from Ohio, working on his Huf part and celebrating his dog’s birthday at Petco

Kevin Terpening is a pro skater for Huf. He’s said that he gets psyched to skate by watching Marine Layer....

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