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Comedown Music with MGMT “For soothing some tragically displaced serotonin receptors.”

what youth issue 9 notes from the underground

This could be the most useful thing on our website. You know the days — perhaps you’re in the middle of one now: a massive comedown from a big night or weekend, maybe you joined the too much fun club, are going through a bad break-up, or maybe it’s just jet lag or one of those lonely nights with ringing ears. Either way, this is better than Advil. Better than tears. Dive in with no splash and let Andrew VanWynGarden of MGMT soothe your damaged and overworked neurons. He compiled this list for What Youth Issue 9, and after the Cluster world premiere week, we decided it’s time to leak this into the online world.


Band: The Cure

Album: Faith

Year: 1981

“A masterful array of barren goth wanderings, suitable for any type of comedown. From lowering yourself off your inverted sleeping table to lowering yourself onto the floor post break-up.”



Band: Slowdive

Album: Souvlaki

Year: 1993

“Best for long from comedowns. Give it at least a decade of decadence.”


Band: Connan Mockasin

Album: Caramel

Year: 2013

“I’ve found this album sounds best in a dark hotel room in Germany, on your own. Maybe draw a bath and really soak into all five “It’s Your Body’s.””


Band: Bill Fay

Album: Time of the Last Persecution

Year: 1971

“All your time is lying on the factory floor.”


Band: Psychic TV

Album: Trip Reset

Year: 1996

“I mean, I guess it’s meant for pre-comedown situations, but works just as well when you’re deep in the trough.”


Band: Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou

Album: Ethiopiques solo pionao album

Year: 1970

“Sunday afternoon, a hot mug of strong coffee, a wool blanket and hopefully a sleek black cat and everything might be OK.”


Band: Cheval Sombre

Album: Mad Love

Year: 2012

“Better than Breton for soothing some tragically displaced serotonin receptors.”


Band: Donato Dozzy

Album: K

Year: 2014

“Really can’t figure out what the “K” is referring to, I really have no idea. Must be short for “OK” or something.”


Band: Woo

Album: Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong

Year: 1989

“A fine soundtrack for turning into a pool of mercury and flowing around the living room. And perhaps my favorite album title.”


Band: Fleetwood Mac

Album: Then Play On

Year: 1969

“Kind of like a pre-emptive hair of the dog or something, very necessary. Closing my eyes.”


Band: The Orb

Album: Orbus Terrarum

Year: 1995

“A classic after hours journey.”


Band: Lewis

Album: L’Amour

Year: 1983

“The combination of Lewis’ wispy but manly voice and atmospheric synth pads results in a kind of uncanny but healing comedown tincture.”


Band: Linda Perhacs

Album: Parallelograms

Year: 1970



Band: Pearls Before Swine

Album: One Nation Underground

Year: 1967

“This whole album really hits the spot and culminates at the disemboweling perma-fried “Surrealist Waltz.”


Band: Puff

Album: Puff

Year: 1969

“There’s still some in your moustache.”


Band: Gigi Masin

Album: Talk to the Sea

Year: 2014

“A milky compilation of ambient sounds from this Italian master.”



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what youth issue 9 notes from the underground

Comedown Music with MGMT “For soothing some tragically displaced serotonin receptors.”

"For soothing tragically displaced serotonin receptors."

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