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Watch: “Green Lines” A throwback tribute to our favorite Frenchy

08.10.21 – TAGS:

After the 9 or so years of producing, curating, stealing and every other way known to man to acquire quality content, ya develop quite a library.

It’s kinda fun sometimes to peep into the depths.

Like the rest of you, we recently heard the of news of Jeremy Flores retiring from competitive surfing. Although we look froward to still seeing him, perhaps a little more free to do and go where he wants, he was always a competitive monster who brought a passion that was pretty much unequaled.

A guy where you actually made note of an upcoming heat.

He owns a list of results that is too long to mention but has legit hall of fame credentials for sure. Pipe, Quik Pro, Tahiti, the list goes on.

In celebration of his competitive career, we opened up the way back machine and found this little gem that Jeremy produced and sent over to us.

It’s pure J Flo in and around some familiar haunts.

Thank you Jeremy for many great moments.

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