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What Youth Issue 1 We made a magazine, here’s what you should know

What Youth Issue 1, Dion Agius

The first issue of our magazine is now available in the new What Youth shop. Click here to order a copy.

The magazine is a quarterly journal of the things we like. Surfing is definitely one of those things, but there are lots of others. They include:


Joy Division

Taking pictures

Staying up late




Irresponsible drinking

LES in particular



Waking up elsewhere

Making movies

The short-arm fullsuit

Kolohe Andino usually

Hendrick’s Gin


Skate videos


Getting two new boards



Our friends


If you like those things you’ll probably love our magazine. If you like most surf magazines as they exist currently you’ll probably hate it. We invite you to ignore the Quarterly if you think that’d be best.


—What Youth

Other useful information:
What Youth Quarterly is available through our online store and in a limited selection of retailers around the world. We publish four times a year. Volume One, Issue Two (Fall 2012) will be available in September.

The Quarterly is made and printed in California.

For press inquiries please email us directly: hello at

For stocking and advertising inquiries: holly at


What Youth Issue 1, Dion Agius

What Youth Issue 1 We made a magazine, here’s what you should know

Notes and photos from the film Dear Suburbia, Dane Reynolds, Alex Olson, John John Florence, the Caribbean, Mark Oblow and...
Dear Suburbia what youth issue 1 dane reynolds craig anderson

Dear Suburbia for What Youth Issue 1 An Excursion Into the Absurd

Today’s kind of a big deal for us. There may be libations by noon. Loud music (well, it’s already loud)....
Joh john florence for what youth issue 1

What Youth Issue 1 On sale in June

What Youth Quarterly: Our book of photography, freesurfing, culture and fun. Real paper and ink like the pilgrims had. First...
John John Florence what youth issue 1 surfing

John John Florence for What Youth Issue 1 A frank conversation with unusual photos

The first issue of What Youth Quarterly is on sale now in the What Youth Shop
Craig Anderson signed What Youth Issue 1

Giveaway: What Youth Issue 1 Signed by Craig Anderson Want One?

To celebrate the upcoming release of Craig Anderson’s new film Slow Dance, we thought we’d give away a few signed...
Craig Anderson shot by dion agius what youth issue 1

Night of the Cover Dion Agius on the evening behind Issue One’s Front Page

At the end of a trip that saw low and strange days, then high times and fine waves, Dion took...

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