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Watch: “Cola Bros” The Future

11.28.21 – TAGS: , , ,

This is a very cool little mini-series from the Cola Bros called “The Future.” This episode features the Carr brothers, Carson and Cannon, who also hail from San Clemente.

We often sit back and wonder what a grom from Florida, or Texas, or most anywhere around the world where the waves aren’t great most days, thinks of the captivating San Clemente surf scene today. A ton of great surfers, pretty consistent surf, a bunch of industry still in the area, etc., it’s got a lot of energy these days and these groms are living the dream.

What’s also really interesting is the brother connection from this area.

Hoffman, Paskowitz, McGonagle, McNulty, Beschen, Fletcher, Long, Gudauskas, Colapinto, Carr, and I’m sure we missed a few more.

Something in the water?


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