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Watch: “Von Froth: The life of Nic Von Rupp” Episode #6


Well, things finally cooled down for our good pal Nic Von Rupp. That being that the COVID lockdown finally sidelined him like the rest of us.

However, as we mentioned before, Nic and his crew had timed the whole COVID thing pretty damn good with a bunch of content all teed up for our entertainment as we lay wallow on the sofa for weeks on end.

Well played Nic.

Fast forward and after two months of sitting around like the rest of us, Nic and the boys finally broke free for a few late-season barrel sessions.


What Youth

Check in with Nic’s Youtube page for a chance to win a few custom boards.

Nic Von Rupp youtube

A film by Von Rupp Media Surfer Nic von Rupp

Miguel Blanco…

Filmed and edited by @mendodornellas

Additional Footage White Flag Productions…

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