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Watch “Pure Joy” A short film by Zac Haynes


We get a lot of content sent our way. This one popped into our inbox without much fanfare and truth be told, we actually lost it for a few days. Well, we found it and we loved it for no other reason than it represented that unmatched rawness of a self-produced project by yet another young hellman. Oh, and there are some very “sick pits” – in Zac’s words.

Zac probably isn’t on many surf media radars, yet. For no fault of his own except that it’s probably hard to stack clips when you’re surfing where this guy likes to surf. Cold, large, far off the beaten path-type shit. Hard to get someone to stand on the beach filming, or for that matter, even harder to get them in the water.

Well, Zac pulled some clips together from a solid cast of filmers and put together an entertaining little edit. Solid surf and solid surfing all around.

Thanks for send Zac.

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