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2020 “Five to Watch” The future looks bright


We’ve been rolling out our predictions of greatness for a few years now and we have had some success in our prognosticating (Ha, like Jack was a tough pick). So along that theme, here’s a few lads (and lasses) that we think just might grab some attention this coming year.

Morgan whips one. Photo Matt Ord

Morgan Cibilic. Quite impressively, Morgan turned some heads this past year, and in doing so also stamped his ticket to the big leagues. With a strong European showing on the QS and some impressive man hacks in sizable surf on the North Shore, Morgan qualified for the WSL CT and will proudly represent Australia in 2020. The NSW native comes from a wave and talent-rich area so we expect some excitement from the young man. Good luck Morgan.

G-Man getting busy. Photo: Conor Flanagan

Gearoid McDaid. The WY 2020 name of the year award goes to Gearoid McDaid. Freaking love it! A wonderful Irish lad that is quietly growing into his own. Solid slab or punchy beach break, Gearoid has the goods. Not sure if the QS is where we might see ‘Gears really do his thing but put the boy on a backlit slab at Aileen’s and we’re watching that shit all day long.

Imaikalani with a nice power wrap. Photo: John Varney

Imaikalani deVault. Runner up in the name race, Imai is also the real deal in the surf. With a late 9.57 in the round of 32 against Gabby at the Pipe Masters, the young Hawaiian had the Brazilian and his step-dad sweating out the last few minutes of that heat. Maybe some elevated coaching on heat strategy, should he pursue the comp route, and Mr. deVault could be a strong contender at any event he enters. Ross, you out there?

Editors note: Imai took it into the quarters at the just-completed Volcom Pipe Pro for a great start to 2020.

Barron Mamiya. Another Hawaiian making a name for himself, Barron is a senior member of a hot little pack of islanders who just might be running shit real quick around here. Barron is the full package: rail, air, barrel, and he charges, so we are looking forward to watching the young man come into his own this year.

Editors note: Barron was part of the big changes over at Hurley recently but bounced back nicely with a deal from RVCA.

Sierra Kerr, flying into the future of women’s surfing

Women’s surfing. Sky Brown, Sierra Kerr, and Quincy Symonds, among a few others, absolutely represent the future of women’s surfing. Although still just young ‘uns, it’s not going to be long before the face of surfing is forever changed. If you’ve ever seen Sky or Sierra skate vert then you know that their aerial game is already next level. There is no telling where these girls can go. Look out boys!

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