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Watch “Engrained” Technicolor​ Slab Hunting


One of the rad things about surfing is how many different ways there are to enjoy it. Sunny beach break fun, a fall point break feeling that first swell of the season, pounding tropical reef pass, etc. Well, other than a few bits towards the end, “Engrained” is about lots of rubber and thick, cold barrels. Big, cold slabs with full suits, boots, and hoods.

Burcher. Sequence: Zinon

There is something just a little gnarlier when it’s cold. The water is just harder, meaner somehow. So if that’s what you’re into, “Engrained” is a video just for you.

Russ Bierke. Photo: Kaineder

For this project, Brett Burcher teamed up with cinematographer, Darcy Ward, to put together some incredible footage of the boys charging in Ireland, Scotland, Tassie and Oz. Yep, the usual spots of fear we’ve come to know along with some of the names that also seem to find a way to show up when it’s macking: Russ Bierke, Sean Mawson, Louie Hynd, Elliot Marshall, Paul Morgan, Nath Bartlett, Khy Hoole, Glen McDonald, and of course, Brett.

Looks chill. Photo: Ward
The boys. Photo: Schaap
Burch again, Photo: Bonython

Something a little different for us, but this vid was just so entertaining with great music, some serious charging, etc., we thought it was well worth a share.

Enjoy, next to a roaring fire and a couple fingers of scotch in hand.

What Youth

Video credit: Andrew Kaineder, Clem McInerney, Talon Clemow, Max Zappas, Simon Treweek, Tim Bonython, Dave Fox

Music: Woodes, Bad Dreams, Shining Bird, Mariee Sioux and Sammy Smith.

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